Ishan Ambardekar is a qualified Chef who specializes in Soups, Salads and Sandwiches. Whereas Medha Ambardekar is a Certified Nutritionist and a Yoga Instructor.

The idea behind starting such business is the fast moving trend of today’s life and need for health awareness. But Chef Ishan adds more to this. He says, “At Green Platter we are committed that along with Healthy, we provide Fresh, Delicious, Tasty and Mouth-watering Salads. Most people have a hatred towards Salad calling it ‘Ghass-phuss’, Green Platter certainly changes their minds, committing that Salads can be Tasty and Nutritious at the same time.”

Soups is more of a specialty of Medha who says, “Cooking is my hobby and Soups are my passion. And most importantly supporting my Son in his business is what I really love.”

Green Platter caters from Monday to Friday with a fixed monthly schedule of a month for 20 days where they do not repeat a salad or a soup. They are so committed in providing variety every day that they say if they repeat a soup and/or salad even a single day then the complete monthly subscription is charged completely free for a month. (TC Apply)

Even customizations are available for any dietary restrictions, weight reduction and/or dislikes. The complete Salads and Soups menu is designed and formulated according to the guidelines of renowned dietician Dr. Geetanjali Chitale.

Chef Ishan says that he has a wide variety of Salads, Soups & Sandwiches, where the list is always increasing every month with his creativity and innovation. You get to try all the variants in a span of 3 months.

On a regular basis Green Platter serves about 75 families. Chef Ishan’s dream is to have his Green Platter’s Franchisees all over India. Currently they provide from Bandra to Borivali and they are working on providing their Salads and Soups in Thane Region with help of a Franchisee. They are also working on Canteen setup at Times Network, BKC, Mumbai and STAR TV Network.

They both are spreading the Healthy and Tasty Message Loud and Clear,


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